I am so happy you found me.

I have some really exciting news!

Drum role please!!!!

I’ve finished writing my book. I started writing it in 1993. It is called My Four Hollywood Husbands.

I know I’m a bit slow. It has had many rewrites and I hope this last and finale rewrite will be worth your time to read it, that is, if you have time to read it….I hope you do.

Many people have encouraged me to write my story. It is a love story interwoven in the entertainment world and the world of alcoholism and co-dependence. I hope readers will be entertained and moved through the stories of my love for my four Hollywood husbands and my very big, all embracing, combined family.

I thought it might be a fun journey for you to follow me along as I work through the process of getting the book out to the public. It is my hope that my story will be helpful and encouraging to those who find themselves in similar situations.

Soon I will post a chapter from the book –but for now- I ‘ll let my son , John Asher, get started putting up the website.

Be back soon! And again, thanks for finding me. I look forward to our next visit.